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Community Blog Topic Results: Which race would you like to become playable?


Last week's Community Blog Topic asked, "Which race would you like to become playable?" My choice was the Vrykul. There was some support for my choice -- sometimes for Alliance and sometimes for Horde -- but many other options were suggested.

JeffLaBowski from Sportsbard presents the case for Ethereals and suggests a few racial abilities:
Warp Speed- Combat haste and movement speed is increased for 8-12 seconds on a 3 minute cooldown.

Portal up- Opens up a portal to your hearth location. This portal can be used by party members.

Phase out- Target enters the Nether for 15-20 seconds where they cannot be targeted/attacked and heal for X amount. Any movement/actions cancel this effect.

Reciprocity- Buying from a vendor grants you a discounted % when you sell with the same vendor. Discount lasts until daily reset and cannot exceed 15%. Does not stack with other discounts.

Syrcorax at Syrco Owl wants to play the Sons and Daughters of Cenarius.

The females are called Dryads and the males are called Keepers. Their primary language is Darnassian but they can also speak Common, Low Common and Taur-ahe. They are peaceful by nature and despise violence but they would fight to protect the forests and their allies. They hate magic and want to destroy it.
ErinysVictoria over at The Harpy's Nest writes an extensive argument in favor of, you guessed it, harpies. Here are the suggested racials:
Storm-winds: 2.5 min cooldown – The Harpy swoops upwards out of range of attacks for 10 seconds

Fleet-footed: 4 min cooldown which is shared with Storm-winds. The Harpy picks up a party member within 30 yards range, swooping upwards with them, protecting them from harm for 10 seconds.

Flickering Memory: Turn into the Night Elf you once were. Breaks in combat. Drains energy/mana the longer you keep it up.
At Korkron 501st, PeterAnargirou at wants to play tuskarr and suggests the possible classes.
I realize we haven't seen the Tuskarr have any affinity for magic, but there's no reason they couldn't discover some. They'd need seven classes to put them on par with gnomes. I'd give them hunter, rogue, and warrior easily. I think I'd really love to see Tuskarr shaman, so let's give them that too. Fishing pole totems, perhaps? If they're adventuring, it's very easily conceivable that they'd begin to study the arcane, so I'll add mage. Having a connection with Pandaria already, they could also learn to be monks. [...] Priest is a possibility, but I think Tuskarr druids would be really cool too!
Mantid was a popular choice, as suggested by SkarnWoW
Mantid Mantid Mantid Mantid!

Yes, Wakener, that is the correct choice.

The Cycle must be preserved!
Furrierist votes for demons
Demons, perhaps incubi and succubi, or felguards. Purified and given independent thought and free will in a mass summoning ritual gone awry. They would fit nicely in, say, a burning legion expansion.
tylercles sees Vrykul as a neutral race.
The fact that they're the ancestors of humanity and their similar origins to the Dwarves and the Gnomes give them a very strong connection to the Alliance, but their savage culture also makes them an ideal fit for the Horde.
jpbernard wants murlocs.
Murlocs for sure! Can't imagine anything cooler than seeing a raid full of Murlocs running at a boss. GRRRRGLLLL!
Vyrianthor has a suggestion.
Naga. I desperately want Naga. Their aesthetics, their culture, their architecture (Elven Arches meets Coral Reef), it's all perfect. As the Puzzle Box of Yogg Saron says:

The fish know all the secrets. They know the cold. They know the dark.

Mahota wants to be a member of the Mogu.
Now they no longer have leadership I could see them looking to the Horde and Alliance and deciding the horde most matches their mindset of Conquer with force rather than diplomacy.
Domehammer lists several possible playable races including ogres -- a popular choice.
Have been part of Horde for a very long time and they are the equivalent to High Elfs for how iconic they are. Cataclysm had Horde really increasing its Ogre numbers and settling new areas so they are around. Plus could give them cool racial where they become a mount that can be ridden like goblin alchemist from WC3.
Astalnar lists Furbolgs for the Alliance. Another popular choice.
They are allied with the Night Elves ever since the end of the Third War anyway. They can have their own city in the deeps of Mount Hyjal or Felwood. The underground city, full of tunnels, burrows and occasional carrion.
hettiesobeat voiced a very popular opinion.
High Elves, for the Alliance. The faction doesn't feel right without them, and they have way too much screentime for an unplayable race.
Rav suggests the Draconids.
Customization could include all five dragonflight colors maybe even throw in the ones from twilight, chromatic or infinite flights as well. the armor sets that fit tauren models should work on these ones as well and they already have quite a few combat animations so fleshing them out shouldn't be to hard.

As for classes available to them, I'd figure warrior, DK, hunter, monk, warlock, mage, priest, and maybe shaman. DK because the race has been around since vanilla.
michaelhenley1 wants to play dragons.
Dragons, you start off as a dragon but you learn how to take the form of a race of your choosing. As you level, you gain the ability to learn different forms. At max level, you have learned how to use the form of every race on your side.
You get free flight with the form of a dragon based on your skin color.

You also have a third form that you can choose, which is very dragonish humanoid looking. You only benefit from your racial bonuses when your in your dragonkin form. Whenever you use a racial ability, your stuck in your dragonkin form for at least 2 minutes.

atanae suggests that current races become cross faction, such as
Draeni - Horde Race (whaaa???) Reasoning here - After the total rejection of Garrosh and the old Horde, Velen sends a contingent of draeni to try and get the Horde and Alliance unified to fight the Burning Legion.
Tauren - Alliance Race (again, whaaaa?) Spurred on by their connection to the Tauren in the Cenarion Circle, and knowing not all the Alliance are "bad," these representatives of the Tauren people choose to join the Alliance in hopes of preserving peace.
Many want to see subraces for current races become playable, as rogueleader1 says
I would rather have variants of existing races with more customizable features like a lot of people have already mentioned. Dark Irons, Earthen and Iron Dwarves (hell yes to both) Wildhammers etc. Leper Gnomes (shiver), even the mechanical gnomes around Stormpeaks. I like the idea of the Broken. For sure being able to make your Orc look like from different clans, Maghar. Vry'kul like human customization would be fun.
SparkysShocker at Blood Sweat and Honor agrees.
The easy answer for me as a Tauren a heart would be the Tauren subraces Taunka and Yaungol and even those we may have yet find.
Wolvar, Hozen, and Arrakoa also received some love. Stay tuned for the next Community Blog Post. If you have any ideas for what you'd like to see debated, please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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