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Deal: Name-your-own-price Mac bundle


The "Name Your Own Price" bundle happens to include Camtasia, which we noted poor switcher Ken Hess should have looked up before bemoaning the lack of screen-recording tools on the Mac. Yes, QuickTime will record your screen, but Camtasia performs a few extra tricks QuickTime doesn't, as we mention here.

The bundle is called "name your own price" because while the total value of the software in it is worth US$412, you can pay whatever you want, as long as it beats the average, and get all 10 apps. There's also charity involved, and a chance to win an iPhone 5S. Details:

  • This bundle features Camtasia (the No. 1 screen-casting tool) and CrossOver plus eight more Mac apps.
  • The bundle is valued at $412, but users pay whatever they want. As long as they beat the average, they get all 10 apps. This bundle is a Name Your Own Price, which means that to get all 10 apps the user must pay above the average price of the bundle. If they pay below, they'll only get three apps.
  • 10% of each sale will be donated to a charity of the buyer's choice (one of three charities: Child's Play, World Wildlife Fund, Creative Commons)
  • If the buyer pays enough to make the leaderboard at any point during the sale, they automatically get entered to win a new iPhone 5S.

So it's maybe not the cheapest way to get all 10 apps, but it's a good deal if you don't have many of them, plus you'll be giving some money to charity. Check it out, or our Deals page for more bargains.

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