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Fallen Earth shares State of the Game birthday blog

MJ Guthrie

While many are celebrating (or suffering) back-to-school this month, Fallen Earth is focusing its celebratory sights on a different event: its birthday! That's right -- this month the post-apocalyptic wasteland turns four years old. And as part of the festivities, AP Augmented weapons will be released, rifles are getting a power boost, and new player-requested clothing items are hitting the scene. Players can custom color a set of Phoenix Plate armor, grab a new duster with removable spiky shoulder pads, or wear a hoodie that would make Tiggs happy. All subscribers will get a revamped Lifenet suit for the anniversary.

Also coming soon are more dyeable accessories and clothes (like boots, belts, and head wear), holiday garb, and a special something in honor of the Breaking Bad series.

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