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Gunlord hits Indiegogo to fund 3DS, Wii U ports


NG:DEV.TEAM launched Gunlord in 2012 for Dreamcast and Neo Geo, and now it's looking to bring the game to actual modern platforms. The developer recently announced an Indiegogo campaign to fund 3DS and Wii U ports, seeking 40,000€ ($52,616) by October 6.

Inspired by games like Turrican, Gunlord is a side-scrolling shooter with 10 stages and 45 types of enemies. The game features a retro-inspired, 16-bit art style and promises 60 frames per second, non-linear action. Providing the game is successfully funded, it will launch on both the Wii U and 3DS eShops in 2014 in North America, Europe, Australia and Canada.

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