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Kickstarter project Ambrov X includes BioWare writer stretch goal


Ambrov X, an episodic RPG set in Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah's Sime-Gen universe, is seeking $500,000 on Kickstarter by October 5. The project includes a $750,000 stretch goal that, if met, will result in former BioWare Senior Writer Jennifer Hepler joining developer Loreful in creating the game. Hepler worked for BioWare for eight years, contributing to all three Dragon Age games as well as Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Ambrov X is a single-player adventure in which players create a character in either the Sime or Gen human sub-species and one of four additional combat classes. The game starts with players investigating the fate of Jumper 10, a starship that returns to Earth with only one crew member remaining. The game's five episodes will last between three and five hours each, and will launch DRM-free on PC, Mac and Linux, with "alternate releases" for iOS, Android, PS4 and "Xbox" planned. The developer doesn't specify between Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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