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Project Phoenix rising on PS4, Vita too


Kickstarter fireball Project Phoenix is scorching a path onto PlayStation 4 and Vita, after successful "long negotiations" ended with dev Creative Intelligence Arts confirming the RTS/RPG for Sony platforms. Now at over seven times its funding goal of $100,000, Project Phoenix was originally announced for PC, Mac, and Linux, with iOS and Android receiving a separate version of the game.

However, Creative Intelligence Arts (which has an unfortunate acronym) did say it was working to bring the game to PS4 and Vita too, and sure enough that work turned into reality. There's now the small matter of working those platforms into the funding tiers and allowing those who've already backed the project to switch to one of the Sony platforms.

Project Phoenix is the latest firestorm to rise to heady financial heights on Kickstarter, not least because of the RPG talent on its staff, including revered Final Fantasy music-smith Nobuo Uematsu, FF artist Kiyoshi Arai, and Hiroaki Yura, who's worked on the likes of Diablo 3 and Valkyria Chronicles. Project Phoenix is billed as a fantasy RTS combined with JRPG design, and while we've yet to see any gameplay footage, a recent video (above) gave some indication of how the game's squad-based, tactical combat may play out.

With five days to go, the campaign is set to soar past the $800,000 stretch goal, earning exclusive posters for Kickstarter backers. The more significant addition of a "fully explorable over world with an upgraded combat transition" looks realistic at $1,025,000.

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