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Report: Next Dynasty Warriors: Gundam announced for PS3, Vita


Shin Gundam Musou, the fourth entry in Namco Bandai's Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series, will make its Japanese debut on December 19, Polygon reports from an issue of Famitsu.

While Shin Gundam Musou will retain the series' trademark gameplay involving mobile suits from the Gundam anime mowing down hordes of enemies en masse, the game is said to feature a more realistic aesthetic than Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3. This allows the development team to add features such as spot damage, which may seem minor, but should increase the game's ambiance and help players differentiate its 100-plus playable mobile suits. Shin Gundam Musou will feature both an Official Mode that borrows storylines from several Gundam anime episodes, as well as an Ultimate Mode, which offers an original plot, the site says.

Past entries in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series have been multiplatform, but this latest game is slated for release exclusively on the PlayStation 3 and Vita. So far there's been no word on an American release of Shin Gundam Musou, but if franchise history (and public affection for Gundam) is any indicator we can expect Namco Bandai to reveal an English-language iteration of the game in due time.

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