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When do you anticipate getting into the new raid content?


Now that we know the release schedule for The Siege of Orgrimmar raid content (patch 5.4), those of us devoted enough to juggle raid dates and patch content on our day-to-day calendars are now busily scrabbling through guild schedules and penciling in dates to attack the new content. And the debut of the flex raid system means players will be able to tackle the new content whether they're short a few raid slots one night or not.

  • If you're planning to head in with a normal raid group, will you be gunning for heroic mode? If so, how long do you think that might take?
  • Do you belong to a group that's planning to try out the flex raid system? How big do you expect will your group be?
  • Who's with me in LFR? /zerg rush
Will you be pushing hard to get in and see the new raid as soon as you possibly can? Or do you plan to sit back, enjoy the scenery, and get there when you get there, however long it takes?

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