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Battlefield 4 ups the ante on weapon customization options


Firearm options have been expanded in Battlefield 4, providing soldiers with a dizzying array of customization options for their boomsticks. DICE has tripled the amount of accessories for each gun, plus each firearm has an increased amount of accessory slots now.

A single assault rifle has the potential for 240,000 different set-ups in Battlefield 4. There are also a host of camouflage patterns to employ, with 16 different sub-options for each pattern. There's even adaptive camouflage that changes depending on the map you're playing on.

Snipers also get new options, with expanded scopes and the ability to zero your rifle – a special calibration that helps with gauging bullet drop when aiming at far-off targets. Finally, Battlefield 4 tosses in Battle Pickups, deadly map-specific weapons that anyone can grab during a match.

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