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Star Citizen's $20 million stretch goal is planetside FPS combat

Jef Reahard

Star Citizen smashed the $17 and $18 million crowdfunding barriers over the past seven days, and as per Cloud Imperium tradition, the latter milestone "unlocked" the next tier of funding rewards.

In his latest letter from the chairman, Chris Roberts revealed that the sci-fi sandbox's $20 million stretch goal is "first person combat on select lawless planets." Star Citizen was already primed to include FPS combat on space stations, landing platforms, and via ship boarding actions, but the new goal takes it a step further. "Don't just battle on space stations and platforms... take the fight to the ground," the post says.

Speaking of outside-the-ship environments, the post also includes a two-minute sneak preview of Terra Prime's landing zone. Check out the full video after the cut!

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