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Welcome to Driveclub, now watch these instructional videos


Four Driveclub videos for the price of one post! That's what we have today, thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment publishing a flurry of footage from the PS4 game. The quartet of vids are taken from a direct feed of the racer's Gamescom demo; you'll find one above, and the other three past the break.

Paul Rustchynsky, design director at developer Evolution Studios, took to NeoGAF to spill a few more details on Driveclub's slightly stripped-down PlayStation Plus version. According to Rustchynsky, the Plus edition "will be available well into the new year," and lets players earn the platinum trophy despite missing some cars and tracks from the full game. Rustchynsky also reiterated that there'll be a discount to upgrade from the Plus version to the full digital game, but we'll still have to wait on prices for "a few more weeks yet."

Driveclub revs onto the PlayStation 4 at launch, which is November 15 in North America.

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