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World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit coming soon


Think you know WoW inside out? Well prove it! The World of Warcraft version of Trivial Pursuit, the popular wedge-based trivia game, is due to release soon. And we're not even talking Blizzard soon -- it should be coming to a shop near you this month.

The Blizzard blog on the upcoming game asserts that the six categories will be Geography, Player Characters, Lore, Loot, Villains, and Encounters, with one wedge color allocated to each. Players will move around a themed board, playing with specially hand-made Murloc dice, and piloting baby murloc movers. So what do you think the questions might be? What would you ask?

WoW Insider reported back in February that the game's release was coming, and even that questions might come from fans at some point, so who knows, if you submitted a question maybe it was included! I will almost certainly be terrible at this game, but I will likely get a copy for geeking out at guild meet-ups, and maybe for quizzing my friends during raid downtime!

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