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EVE Online lead designer summoned to join League of Legends

S. Prell, @SamPrell

EVE Online lead designer Kristoffer Touborg announced on his Facebook page yesterday that he will be abandoning the CCP Games ship, as he prepares to join forces with Riot Games to work on League of Legends.

"It's been an incredible five years, working for a company I love, on a game I love," Touborg wrote. "Not a lot of people get that opportunity, but I did and I'll always be grateful that CCP let me work at a place where I'd get up every morning and be happy to go to work."

Touborg didn't specify what position he would be holding with Riot, nor when his time with CCP officially ends and his time with Riot will officially begin, but he did mention the massively successful MOBA's competitive scene as a driving interest. To all the star-crossed EVE lovers Touborg leaves behind, he wrote he would "happily do it all over again."

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