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Breakfast Topic: How does the LFR fit into your game scheme?


It's probably safe to claim that today's Looking for Raid feature is the game's pivotal feature for enjoying current content. Reaching the gear level to join an LFR raid and see the game's latest and greatest endgame content has become accessible to all but the most severely time-constrained players, and more players than ever before are now enjoying the culmination of Blizzard's most epic bosses, encounters and stories.

But is the LFR a means to an end, or an end in and of itself? Within the LFR system itself are strata of players in it for entirely different reasons. Are you an LFR tourist, there to see the sights and sounds, after which you're done with the entire affair? Do you use the LFR to get every last scrap of available gear before you consider a character "complete"? Or do you rely on the LFR to gear up or learn the basics for normal or hard-mode raiding? ... Or do you never set foot in the LFR at all?

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