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Stiq Figures, August 26 - September 1: Gaming in the wild edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Getting the perfect gaming environment set up is nice, but sometimes it's great to play a match of something outside of the house. I have fond memories of swapping Pokemon on the playground, cursing my friends' Mario Kart DS abilities while waiting in line for a console, and sneaking Super Smash Bros. Melee with a small TV into the room next to my high school's study hall.

Most recently, I happened across 42 Lounge, a bar in Milwaukee devoted to combining a modern atmosphere with plenty of chances for friends and strangers to game together. After grabbing drinks, a friend and I found an Xbox 360 with Geometry Wars 2 and promptly sat down to burn the following two hours on the game's Pacifism mode. I got flashbacks to my final college dorm room, a closet-sized space that often played host to a dozen people for drunken nights of GW2. We had the high scores and their respective defenders taped next to our TV, and as my swirling eyes glazed over from drinks and the game's flood of neon, I had to resist looking for a hidden spot to tape up our new scores at the bar.

What are your favorite memories of gaming outside the house? Did you find an arcade cabinet or an opponent where you least expected to? Did you actually StreetPass with someone somewhere other than a convention? Share it with us in the comments once you check last week's hardware sales in Japan after the jump!

3DS LL: 49,149 [UP] 14,105
PS3: 20,090 [UP] 7,401
3DS: 17,783 [UP] 1,730
Vita: 8,405 [DOWN] 3,102
Wii U: 6,741 [DOWN] 289
PSP: 6,218 [UP] 483
Wii: 1,141 [UP] 38
Xbox 360: 177 [DOWN] 19

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