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Three days into NYC iPhone wait, SellYourMac reps begin live feed


With the 5th Avenue Apple Store as their backdrop, representatives from Cincinnati-based SellYourMac are prepared for the long haul. We caught up with the two intrepid (and perhaps slightly loopy) linesitters; our video interview is below.

Jon Murphy and co-worker Justin from SYM arrived two days ago from Cincinnati to mostly good weather and a warm reception from New York tourists who flock to the Apple Store, the FAO Schwartz toy store behind it and Central Park across the street. The news of their being not-quite-the-first-two people in line made the blog rounds on Friday.

The company was founded in 2006, and we've reported on them being a resource for selling your iPhone in the past. They've been out to Macworld and other conferences, but this is their first trek to New York.

I stopped by and chatted with Jon while Justin was out getting supplies. The buddy system allows them to take breaks and do the important things any New York visitors do: see the sights, including the 9/11 memorial. They do have a place they can retreat to for breaks, which allows them to grab a shower and clean clothes.

But the majority of the time is spent in the two folding chairs outside the store. Jon said they slept in the chairs the first night but were allowed by police to unroll their sleeping bags on the sidewalk the second night.

"We really haven't had any ... odd interactions," Jon said. "People have been very nice. They come up and ask why we're here. No one has really bothered us at night."

What about the carriage rides? Hawkers enticing people to take carriage rides through Central Park swarm that area. How many are they asked to take?

"We've actually been asked to help them, believe it or not," Jon said. The hawkers are hoping that Jon and Justin will urge people to take the carriage rides.

And what will they do with the phones once they have them? Speculation has been that the company will make a profit off them, but Jon says they'll be used at SellYourMac. Out of the assorted rumors, he said that the one most likely to come true is that it'll be a 5S instead of an iPhone 6, and that there will be an iPhone 5C.

They're planning to tough it out until the 20th, which is the expected on-sale date for the phone. However, they've heard that there's a chance the iPhone could be released on the 17th, reducing the wait by three days.

You can follow Jon and Justin's Twitter accounts as they relay their observations from the line. They will be doing a live feed starting at 4 p.m. ET on Sunday the 8th, and our video interview is below.

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