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Amazon warns users to update iOS Kindle app before installing iOS 7


Readers of Kindle books, take note: Amazon has issued a critical update to its Kindle app on iOS, warning users to install the latest update before upgrading to iOS 7 or risk losing their Kindle libraries. The company pushed out the Kindle 3.9.2 update last night to the App Store. In the app's release notes, the company states:

This is a fix for a Kindle issue with the upcoming iOS 7 OS upgrade that may cause customers to have to re-register and re-download books from Amazon. Please download and install - this is a required update before upgrading to iOS 7.

Without Amazon explicitly stating what the problem is, it's not clear whether the fault lies in the Amazon app itself or in some code in iOS 7. Should users fail to update the app before they install iOS 7, they will have to re-register and then re-download all their Kindle books, but that's as far as their troubles would go; there's no suggestion from Amazon that failure to do so would produce dire consequences, like losing all their Kindle books across multiple devices.

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