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Breakfast Topic: Which city most needs a revamp?

As expansions and patches have come and gone, we've seen much of the land of World of Warcraft remade -- or at least smashed (and in some cases, never repaired). With the time Stormwind's repairmen are taking to fix the Cataclysm damage, the city ought to really look spectacular when it's all put back together... though I have a suspicion it will still be the same white stone as the rest.

But with character models set to get a revamp, I started wondering which cities were most in need of an overhaul, too. The still-smouldering wreck of Stormwind definitely comes to mind, but I've also got to wonder if anyone is ever going to get around to fixing the deathtraps that they call elevators in the Undercity... though I suppose health and safety isn't a major concern amongst the undead.

So, readers: what cities do you think really need a revamp? What needs to go and what needs to stay? On the top of my to go list: elevators. All of them. But what about you?

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