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Capy Jam platformer, Synchroma, designed to work against you


Synchroma gives us an idea of how Renaud Bedard, the programmer on Fez, fits into Capybara Games since he joined the studio in November. Synchroma is a minimalist, cube-based platformer where players press groups of three random buttons on a gamepad to duck, jump, shift and basically not die, as Polygon reports. Every time the game starts up, the commands are different, but each move always involves a simultaneous mash of three buttons and the game never tells the player which buttons to press.

Bedard and artist Nicolas "Qiqo" Stephan created Synchroma during the Capy Jam and they showed it off at the Fangamer X Attract Mode party in Seattle on August 31. It's meant to be ultra-challenging, "where the controls fight against you as you simultaneously fight to survive," Bedard writes.

"It's a game about physical memory, and how much finger gymnastics you can memorize/perform under the pressure created by big red spiky rolls of death coming at you," he says. "Perhaps the best thing is that we suck at it exactly as much as any player."

Capy President Nathan Vella says there are no plans to take Synchroma public right now, but weirder things have happened. Weirder things like this game.

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