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Latest DayZ video blog touches on usability, optimization

Jef Reahard

If you've got an extra 20 minutes -- and you're a DayZ fan -- Dean Hall's latest video dev blog is worth a look. Hall starts off with usability changes, and he shows off the new UI along with various context-sensitive improvements and functionality. He also talks a bit about DayZ's work-in-progress animations, its reloading mechanics, and a few other bits and bobs related to the standalone sandbox survival sim's ongoing development.

Hall also touches on the network optimization delays that he mentioned at Gamescom. "In order to make our alpha period worthwhile, we want to release with this network bubble, which is the last task remaining before [the alpha]," he explained. Hall goes on to say that the task is currently being overseen by Bohemia Interactive co-founder Ondrej Spanel. Spanel is Bohemia's most senior programmer and is also responsible for co-designing the engine that led to Operation Flashpoint, the Arma series, and of course DayZ.

We've embedded Hall's dev blog video after the cut.

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