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Street Fighter 25th Anniversary collection reduced to $80 for 360, PS3

S. Prell, @SamPrell

The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection has Hadouken'd its hefty $150 price point, and is now available for $80 through the Capcom Store. That's a savings of almost 50 percent, and $20 cheaper than last time the set was on sale, which calls for a theme. A theme that goes with everything, perhaps.

This is the same collection as when it was first announced, meaning you'll get S
uper Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken when you pick up the collection for Xbox 360, or all of the above plus all three Street Fighter Alpha titles should you opt for the PS3 version. The Capcom Store also advertises all costume DLC for SSF4 Arcade and all character and Swap Costume DLC for Street Fighter x Tekken, but it doesn't seem that "all" includes DLC released or announced after the collection's debut.

The set includes an 11-disc soundtrack, a 64-page art boook, the I Am Street Fighter documentary, all episodes of the Street Fighter anime, and Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie. You'll also be able to display a certificate of authenticity, a light-up Ryu statue, or even the iconic fighter's belt, proudly in your dojo.

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