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Where is Google All Access for iOS?


Remember this headline: "Google Play Music All Access coming in weeks"? This past year at D11, Google announced it would be bringing Google Play Music All Access to iOS in a couple weeks. Now here we are, three months later -- 14 long weeks -- and there's nothing to be found.

For perspective, tomorrow Apple will most likely release its own streaming-music service, iTunes Radio. That service was announced on June 10, just a week after Google All Access for iOS. So what's the story? We can't tell you. Google hasn't released a comment about it. There's this thread on the Google Product Forums where users are looking for answers, but there's no official answer.

Richard Devine of iMore has written an editorial looking at the issue (including a workaround), that is well worth a few minutes of your reading time this evening. As for now we continue to wait and enjoy the services that are currently working like Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and the rest.

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