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Why Oculus Rift needs an auto-pause feature for horror games


Think about it. You're playing Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – or even worse, Outlast – with an Oculus Rift strapped to your face and headphones growling in your ears, roaming haunted halls in full, immersive 3D. You're peering around corners, waiting for the next monster to leap out of the shadows and attack. You clear a room, take a breath, and turn around – to see a vicious beast staring directly into your eyes. You'll rip those VR goggles off your face as quickly as possible, guaranteed.

This video from YouTube user Christopher Andersen is proof-of-concept for the above scenario, played out with Dreadhalls. It also offers a compelling argument for developers to include an "auto-pause" feature triggered by a sudden, jarring camera flip in Oculus Rift horror games. And maybe all of those "falling really quickly" games. And probably in games with sharks.

Jump to the 3 minute mark for those who like their scares fast.

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