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Killzone Mercenary patch improves online stability


Developer Guerrilla Cambridge has issued a patch for the just-released Killzone Mercenary said to improve the game's online connectivity and multiplayer stability, issues which stood out in our recent review.

"The multiplayer game has been through a few stages of Beta Trials over the last couple of months and, we've said this elsewhere, we are immensely grateful to all those people who took part, especially those who took the time to provide feedback," wrote senior producer Mark Green on the game's official blog. "We've worked hard to make sure those views were taken on board (we were overwhelming by how much feedback we received!), and the day one patch is a direct consequence of that feedback with changes made to improve standard things like stability and connectivity, but also to get people back into the game quicker."

Addressing the patch's notably large 1.1GB size, Green continues, "We appreciate some users' frustration over the patch's size, but we offer every assurance that we couldn't have included its changes any sooner, and that the enhancements - borne of the beta -offer dramatic and worthwhile improvements. The Beta Trials were limited in what they showed, just one or two modes and maps, but we hope you'll feel the impact of all the time that has been dedicated to perfecting the multiplayer experience when you play the game."

When we reviewed Killzone Mercenary, we were impressed by how well the generally console-based franchise was translated to the Vita handheld, but noted significant latency problems in multiplayer.
Since downloading the patch, overall lag during online gameplay has drastically improved (though it remains a periodic issue), while random disconnects seem more prevalent (though not to such a degree that they're an ongoing frustration).

Killzone Mercenary is now available for the Vita for $40.

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