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Carnivores HD brings the hunt to PS3 today


Today marks the debut of Carnivores HD, a new entry in the long-running hunting franchise from developer Vogster Enertainment, which trades relatively harmless wildlife like bears and lions for something a bit more impressive: Dinosaurs.

"You'll be hunting Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and finally a T-Rex," writes project lead Artem Kuryavchenko on the "There are also flying Pteranodons, and small and peaceful Gallimimuses. Each level is an island about two square miles in size, and features a unique environment. There are deserts and jungles, volcanic islands, and deep forests. Each level comes in three flavors: daytime, evening, and misty."

Kuryavchenko also claims that the wildlife found in Carnivores HD features AI which allows it to behave as it may have in the primordial wilds. Dinosaurs can use both sight and smell to track players and one another (predatory dinos have a tendency to eat non-predatory dinos), and wounded animals will react in fear to the player's presence. Hunters are outfitted with a rifle, a sniper rifle and a crossbow, and are given the option of using either lethal rounds or tranquilizer darts as the mood strikes them.

Carnivores HD appears on the PlayStation Network Store as of today.

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