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Rayman Fiesta Run, Trials Frontier, Rabbids Big Bang coming to mobile


Ubisoft is bringing a trio of its franchises to iOS and Android through new games. Rayman Fiesta Run is another auto-runner (in the vein of Jungle Run) due this fall, set within the memorable Gourmand Land of Rayman Origins.

Trials Frontier is a new mobile adaptation of the popular physics-driven bike racer, due on iOS before year's end. Ubisoft says it will connect to Trials Fusion, which is Redlynx's forthcoming sequel for console and PC platforms.

Meanwhile, Rabbids Big Bang is a bit more unique, asking players to guide Rabbids as they attempt to reach the farthest corners of space in a physics-based fling-em-up. Players must customize the Rabbids' jetpack and account for planetary gravitational pulls in order to maximize travel distance across 150 different missions.

Rabbids Big Bang takes off on iOS and Android sometime in October.

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