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Tokyo cab company's backseat cams notice forgotten gear if you don't


Soon enough, if you leave something in one of Kokusai Motorcars Co.'s Tokyo taxis, you'll know it before the cabbie drives away. Cameras under the front seats, in the trunk and on the ceiling record what the passenger and cargo area look like before a fare gets in. If the cams notice an item that wasn't there when they get out, an alarm sounds so you get your stuff back sooner rather than later. Handy, right? If you're worried about privacy, this apparently won't capture clear facial images and the equipped cabs will have signs denoting the system's presence, according to The Wall Street Journal. At ¥50,000 (roughly $500) this relatively cheap idea could keep you from losing a cellphone to a cab ever again. Kokusai hopes to have its fleet of 3,100 cars outfitted by next spring, but we can't help but wish it was in place before this month's Tokyo Game Show.

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