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TomTom inks new in-car navigation deals with Ford, Renault and Sony

Matt Brian, @m4tt

With Apple, Google, and Nokia all vying for a share of the in-car navigation market, TomTom's hooked up with a team of automotive partners to keep its long-term aspirations alive. The first of the navigation firm's three new deals will see it provide maps, navigation and traffic updates for Renault's new built-in R-Link touchscreen tablet, which will feature in no fewer than 15 of the company's new models. TomTom is establishing a new partnership with Ford with the debut of a new app for the in-dash SYNC infotainment system, although you won't see it until sometime next year. The GPS provider will also include its mapping features in Sony's newest AV Center in-dash system, which features a high-res 6.1-inch display. As TomTom gradually gets pulled in two -- between deals with Apple and its ever-expanding list of car manufacturing partners -- maybe the portable dashboard GPS will soon find itself at a dead end.

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