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Around Azeroth: Well, the earth died screaming while I lay dreaming


"A lone druid, flying high above the Vale, surveyed the land as the rays of the early morning sun pierced the fog shrouding her surroundings," writes submitter Eresset of An She on Zul'jin (US-H). "Coming upon the devastation wrought by Garrosh's goblin excavators, a shudder of foreboding rippled through her feathers, seeping into her bones. Momentarily she closed her eyes, willing the aberration below a mirage, a vision left from her nightmares. Sighing, knowing the futility of the act, she flexed her shoulders to catch a passing updraft and glided south over the range down into the lush valley below."

"Lighting on the rails of a cart heading to the market, she took comfort in the gentle swaying of the vehicle with its creaky wheels, the loamy scent of freshly tilled earth, the yaks tethered to the cart drawing them closer to their destination. Hopping down, she shifted to her larger tauren form and, nodding a thank you to the pandaren, proceeded towards Sunsong Ranch to see about the daily harvest. Raising a hand in greeting to the Tillers, she hesitated, looking back over her shoulder in the direction of the Vale. Unease settling in her stomach, she turned to the crops and tried to shake off what her attunement with nature was sensing: the intangible harbinger of death."

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