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Pathfinder dev blog discusses guild design, functionality

Jef Reahard

If you've been wondering about companies in Pathfinder Online, today's dev blog is for you. And no, that's not companies as in GoblinWorks or Paizo, but companies as in adventuring companies! Designer Tork Shaw says that companies are the "most basic form of permanent player organization" in the game. If that sounds a lot like "guilds" in other MMOs, that's intentional, though Shaw explains that Pathfinder's companies work best with 50 or fewer members as opposed to giant, hundred-member zergs.

Companies can be sponsored by certain in-game settlements, which affords them bonuses, protection, and perhaps danger if said settlements are engaged in hostilities with other in-game groups. Companies advance via an influence mechanic that stems from the deeds of their members. Click through the links below for more info!

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