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Timesplitters Rewind takes a second for Steam Greenlight Concepts


The fans developing Timesplitters Rewind are hoping for a launch on Steam Greenlight, probably to match the game's potential release on PS4. Timesplitters Rewind has a page on Greenlight's Concepts section, where developers can get feedback and cultivate a community prior to a full campaign on Greenlight.

Timesplitters Rewind is a fan-made HD remix of all three Timesplitters games – 1, 2 and Future Perfect – with the blessing of the series' IP holder, Crytek. The team behind Rewind cautions that there are unofficial groups for Timesplitters Rewind on Steam and that the only official account can be found here.

"We are perfectly comfortable with fan communities," Project Manager Michael Hubicka writes. As a group of fans remastering a game that doesn't belong to them, we figured they'd be cool with fan communities on Steam, but that's nice to know for sure.

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