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Zarhym on the legendary cloak and its boss


There's a number of people are concerned about needing the legendary cloak to fight the Fire-God Ordos, a special boss accessible on the Timeless Isle. Those people with the concern raise the point that this is essentially cutting off a significant portion of the game to those without the cloak -- or at least what they feel is a significant portion of the game.

Except, it's not a big portion of the game. It's one boss, and a rather insignificant one (in the grand scheme of things) at that. Further, players that have put in the year long effort to actually get the legendary cloak deserve some sort of reward for their troubles. And while the awesome cloak is certainly part of that reward, getting to experience a different boss is a nice added bonus.

Zarhym makes this point well in a post on the forms, and it's worth taking a few minutes to read his words. He also makes a great point at the end -- getting the legendary now through SoO farming is just as viable as working on it over the past year (and it's entirely possible to do that). Now it might be a point of pride to have worked on it over the long haul, but still, he is correct in saying it's just as cool no matter when you pick it up.

Zarhym's full post after the break.


blizz seems to think its funny to close off half of the timeless isle to anyone without the legendary cloak

It is correct that you need the legendary cloak to fight Fire-God Ordos. It's not half of the Timeless Isle. It's one boss -- literally one thing on the isle you can't access without the legendary cloak. You can still get to the area surrounding Ordos using the Albatrosses.

It wasn't designed this way to give us a laugh. The vast majority of the Timeless Isle is open to everyone at level 90, including the four celestials you can fight.

We feel that rewarding those who have invested time into the entire legendary quest chain with access to fight Ordos is justifiable. He's analogous to Oondasta and Galleon in terms of difficulty and loot quality, but isn't just another really rare spawn that can be zerged by everyone in the area, or friends being invited and summoned in.

The original implementations of Galleon and Oondasta were both a little problematic. We wanted to try out a different type of barrier to entry for players who want to fight this boss. And it's fitting that the people who have progressed through the legendary quest chain as it's unfolded, and completed the chain as soon as it was possible to do so (today), get access to him first.

After all, if you haven't been working on the legendary quest chain and/or aren't all that into raiding, it's probably not super important for you to fight this particular raid boss on the first day he's even in the game.

Fortunately you can still complete the legendary quest chain if you want access to the inner-sanctum where Ordos is hanging out (the area you defined as "half of the Timeless Isle"). And it's still perfectly viable to complete the quest chain with all of the updates to it in patch 5.4.

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