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Black Desert bracing for Korean closed beta test

Eliot Lefebvre

It's been a long time coming, but Korean sandbox title Black Desert is finally getting ready to move forward with beta testing. Testing was delayed almost three months ago as Pearl Abyss wanted to add a bit more shine to the game, but it appears that the game is acceptably shined and ready to open the gates. Soon, anyway; the official site is displaying a 19-day countdown until applicants are accepted, not necessarily until the test itself starts.

Unfortunately, American fans with a working knowledge of Korean will still have to sit this one out, as the first test will be IP-locked and will not allow non-Korean players to participate. But it at least means the game is closer to seeing its domestic release and that much closer to a possible localization. So it's good news, even if you're going to have to sit this first round of testing out.

[Thanks to WNxArcticwolf for the tip!]

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