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iPhone 5s reappears on GameStop trade-in page, joined by the 5c


GameStop jumped the gun in late August by (perhaps mistakenly) putting the unannounced iPhone 5s on its device trade-in page, complete with offers for cash trade and in-store credit. The page was pulled after we first pointed it out, but now that the iPhone 5s is officially official (yeah, I said it) the company has brought it back. Oh, and the iPhone 5c has popped up as well.

The prices for the iPhone 5s appear to be in line with what we got a sneak peek of back in August, though the Verizon version of the device -- which wasn't available in the early price leak -- is worth less. Normally the Sprint version of the smartphone warrants the lowest trade-in value, so either there's something special about the iPhone 5s or GameStop hasn't tweaked the Sprint values quite yet. All prices are USD.

iPhone 5s ("Like New" condition):

  • 16GB (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) -- $480 (store credit), $382 (cash)
  • 32GB (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) -- $530, $422
  • 64GB (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) -- $580, $462
  • 16GB (Verizon) -- $460, $366
  • 32GB (Verizon) -- $510, $406
  • 64GB (Verizon) -- $560, $446

The iPhone 5c, on the other hand, shows the wild trade-in value variation we usually expect from carrier to carrier, with Sprint's version of the device taking a huge hit:

iPhone 5c ("Like New" condition):

  • 16GB (AT&T, T-Mobile) -- $252.50 (store credit), $200 (cash)
  • 32GB (AT&T, T-Mobile) -- $258.75, $205
  • 16GB (Sprint) -- $190, $150
  • 32GB (Sprint) -- $196.25, $155
  • 16GB (Verizon) -- $208.75, $165
  • 32GB (Verizon) -- $215, $170

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