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Nintendo's sales figures for August include many zeros, plumbing heroes

Jordan Mallory

Following the NPD Group's analysis of August's overall sales data comes a handful of extra statistics from Nintendo. When taking both physical and digital sales into account, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has sold "nearly" 190,000 units since its release on August 11. Meanwhile, Pikmin 3 has sold "more than" 115,000 since August 4, while New Super Luigi U has sold "nearly" 120,000 units since refreshing the Year of Luigi on August 25.

Nintendo also updated on its year to date: More than 6.47 million pieces of 3DS software have been sold in 2013, with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon being the best-selling of the lot at 863,000 physical/digital copies. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a close second, however, having moved 739,000 units in three fewer months on the market.

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