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The Queue: I can finally answer a repeated question!


Last night was exciting on several levels.

First, as a long time WoW player seeing this kind of shake up occur was everything I hoped it'd be. There was both the expected an unexpected. You can go see it for yourself and read the two lore articles published today for wonderful perspective on it. The entire event was just epic.

Second, as a long time reporter of WoW news, the interest in what happened was larger than any non-BlizzCon event I've ever seen. I know that WoW has lost a lot of subscribers, but you couldn't tell from the reveal article.

Third, there was something that happened that took an odd turn. Someone did something that people were not expecting -- yet it oddly fit. That's some awesome story telling.

Finally, and for me the coolest thing out of all, was the fact that there was no leaks about who the new Warchief was going to be. No one knew it, and anyone that did kept it to themselves. In my position I hear a lot of WoW stuff, just about everything I think -- and while there were rumors and unsubstantiated claims, no one came forward with any serious leak about this. Blizzard kept this a secret, and they did it better than any other major multinational company has ever been able to.

So finally I can answer a question. Spoilers abound in today's Queue comments, but not in the Queue itself. I promise.

Many asked:

Who's the next Warchief?

Kranstanof asked:

What's WoW Insider's reaction on the new Warchief? I personally expected it and the cinematic presented it in a relatable way.

The staff seems pretty pleased in various ways. There was both expected and unexpected elements in it, and that's a pretty neat thing.

Elcheehead asked:

Any sign of the Virtual Realm mergers ?

Yes, Nethaera announced yesterday that the first two connected realms were going to happen. We don't know much beyond that just yet. More on this later...

AlexVanDrie asked:

Is it just me, or do you think the login screen should be updated to show the current Vale? I would love to log in and see one of the mogu statues completely destroyed.

That's a great idea. I know a lot of Blizzard folks read the Queue,, so hopefully one will see this and make it happen!

Dopefrshan asked:

School and work have prevented me from even logging on yet, save for a 2 min venture into the Vale to see the destruction for myself. For all of you who've already been playing, what should I do first tonight? Timeless Isle seems popular.

I would absolutely head out to the Timeless Isle. There's just a ton of stuff to kill, and you're going to gear up nice and quick -- you'll really enjoy it. I haven't heard very many negatives about it -- so far so good in patch 5.4!
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