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Heroes of Loot is a new dungeon crawler from Gunslugs dev


Orangepixel, the indie team behind the mobile run-and-gun hit Gunslugs, defies science and nature by melding the shoot-'em-up and roguelike genres in this week's release of Heroes of Loot for iOS and Android platforms. A Java-based port for Mac, Windows, and Linux is up for purchase here.

Heroes of Loot combines the gameplay mechanics of a twin-stick shooter with the trappings of a loot-heavy dungeon crawler. Choosing one of four character classes borrowed from the arcade classic Gauntlet, players scour randomly generated dungeons for quest items and fat stacks of cash. Death can come swiftly as the difficulty ramps up after each completed floor, but power-ups and equipment upgrades help to even the odds.

Heroes of Loot is also available for the Ouya and the upcoming GameStick microconsole.

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