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iPhone 5c pre-orders are open: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and other carriers are now live


Apple is ready to start taking your money for the iPhone 5c in all its multi-hued glory. You can hit the Apple Store to order one on a two year contract through Sprint, AT&T and Verizon for $99 (16GB) and $199 (32GB). It can also be pre-ordered from all those carriers directly (see the links above) at the the same prices, and if unlocked is more your thing, a contract-free version is available through T-Mobile for $549 (16GB) and $649 (32GB). Pre-orders have also opened across ten other countries, like Canada and the UK, where the sun has already risen on Friday the 13th. They'll start shipping out on September 20th, the same day the iPhone 5s hits stores. A bit more than some thought they'd be, but you can't put a price on being first, right?

Update: Apple's store is now up, and it looks like you can also pre-order from T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon at the links above. Other international carriers are also taking orders; we've rounded up a few at the More Coverage link after the break.

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