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Breakfast Topic: What city do you call home?

Anne Stickney

Back when World of Warcraft was first released, players tended to congregate in two places. For the Horde, it was Orgrimmar, and for the Alliance, it was Ironforge. Why these two locations, you might ask? Because it was the sole place you could find the auction houses that sold everything a player might need and more. The other capital cities were deserted, for the most part -- most players usually just bound their hearthstones to either location, depending on faction, and used those cities as a base of operations for the day-to-day stuff that a player needed to get done.

Later, the game introduced auction houses in all of the capital cities. It was odd, though -- while I noticed a dynamic shift of players from Ironforge over to Stormwind on the Alliance side, on the Horde side, everyone pretty much stayed in Orgrimmar, myself included -- it didn't matter that there were auction houses in the other capital cities. Orgrimmar was "home." But as time went on and expansions introduced new cities, I found myself happily shifting my home base to each new major hub. These days, I spend all my time in the Shrine of Two Moons -- it has everything I need in one place ... minus the less-than-appealing atmosphere of today's Orgrimmar.

But then I realized that as an engineer, it certainly does have everything, since I've got access to an auction house. For non-engineers, that likely isn't the case. So now I'm wondering -- just where does everyone call "home" these days? Do you flock to your capital cities? Do you deliberately choose a far-flung city to go to? Is Wrath-era Dalaran still your stomping grounds? When you're not raiding, questing, or otherwise out and about, where do you like to hang out, and why?

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