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Breakfast Topic: What are the elements of a good WoW wedding?


I occasionally like to plan weddings in my head. I'm married, so I'm not likely to get the chance to put together another one. (At least, I hope not.) But WoW's been a significant part of my life for about a decade, so I think including some WoW themes in the hypothetical nuptials wouldn't be inappropriate.

Certainly, some machinima-based music could be played for dancing. Maybe instead of saying "I do," we could roar "For the Horde!" or "I love you more than Varian loves scowling!" A flower gnome would be indispensable and there could be no finer bartender than someone in a dwarf costume.

What would you include in the elite WoW wedding? Cosplay is an option, of course, but we can go deeper than that!

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