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Borderlands bloodlust in Guild Wars 2's World vs. World

Anatoli Ingram

Changes are coming to Guild Wars 2 in tomorrow's Tequatl Rising patch, and not all of them have to do with dragons. ArenaNet's Devon Carver has written a blog post to let fans of World vs. World know what they can expect to see after the implementation of the new Borderlands Bloodlust buff -- and what they can expect not to see. The lakes in the center of the Borderlands maps are being replaced with Ruins of Power, which will provide benefits to the world that manages to capture and hold them.

Players must capture three of the five ruins to access one rank of Borderlands Bloodlust, which will provide players from that world with a significant boost to stats. The downside is that the ruins must be defended from nasty, off-world Mist invaders (otherwise known as your fellow players) to prevent them from capturing your ruins and stealing your buff. Carver also discusses the philosophy behind the changes, which are meant to give players fun reasons to fight each other instead of krait and quaggan NPCs.

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