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The Queue: Why yes, that is Gorehowl

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Because unlike some people, I know when a look is a classic and doesn't need eyeballs all over it.

Let's talk about World of Warcraft! Because I don't have a puppy and y'all are probably sick of pictures of my cats. I could totally put cat pics up here, I just choose not to. This time.

Kobol_K asks:
What happens if there's Harvest Festival but nobody notices it?

I'm going to be brutally honest here - I haven't paid attention to the Harvest Festival in years. It simply doesn't matter to me in the slightest. It's not like Hallow's End, where you could get a nice epic hat or a mount, or the fire festival where you could run an alt through all the bonfires and end up getting a huge chunk of XP (and possibly leveling to max) - it's just there and I know there's stuff you can do but I just don't care. That being said, I wonder if Grom Hellscream's ghost is sitting around his memorial in Ashenvale wondering why his kid hasn't stopped by yet.

You were a terrible father, Grom. Seriously, you were just awful.

The Queue Why yes, that is Gorehowl
Ristaum asks:
Now that we're a few expansions in, can we expect to see redone versions of Burning Crusade and, possibly later on, WOTLK dungeons? I'd like to run a level 95/100 heroic version of, say, Magisters' Terrace, or Hellfire Ramparts, for example.

That would probably depend on what the next expansion is going to be. If it was a return to fighting the Burning Legion, then perhaps we'd go back to Shadow Labyrinth to delve into the secrets of just what the heck Murmur is and where it comes from, to use its power against the demons (as just one possibility) and if the next expansion was instead all about the underground/undersea reaches of Azeroth, then Azjol-Nerub would make sense as a refurbished dungeon. It all depends on what we're doing ultimately.

WalterAnderson asks:
What's the chance we at least see the alliance rebuild the ruined base in Durotar, and use it as a watchpost over Orgrimmar and the Echo Isles?
It just seems odd, that after defeating an enemy whose entire purpose was the complete domination of the world and the utter eradication of every member of your species, you would just walk away and let the guy next in line take over like it was no big problem.

It's more likely that a certain flying city (*cough*Dalaran*cough*) ends up where Theramore used to be, or in its original location to monitor Sylvanas (who is, after all, a much bigger threat right now than anyone in Orgrimmar). I don't think anyone expects Tiragarde Keep to be maintained beyond the skeleton crew that's been there since Cata.

katiehopkins47 asks:
Has anyone else experienced being unable to loot kills that you have been involved in on the Timeless Isle? A bag icon appears as you mouse over the corpse but no loot window?

Yes, I have experienced this. Once on the Archiereus of Flame and once on a random elite. No idea what's causing it or if it'll be fixed anytime soon, but it's not just you.

gamer4279 asks:
I still dont understand. Why does everyone want to see LFR be replaced? What is so wrong with letting people who dont have the time to commit to a full raid schedule see the content and get some gear?

Keeping in mind that I don't want to see LFR get replaced (I very much support it and think its current implementation is working well) - I'd have to say that the arguments I see against LFR break down into three camps.

The first argument is that player behavior in LFR is toxic. Now, I've run LFR and had perfectly pleasant groups that bore down, killed bosses, and that was that. And I've had LFR groups that were filled to the brim with the absolute dregs of humanity. It really is a cross-section of the WoW community - you can get groups with all manner of players, and sometimes you get lucky and other times you get very, very unlucky. This is in regards to both player skill as well as player behavior - I've done LFR groups with players who were definitely skilled at their class, but so hideously unpleasant to be around that I dropped group rather than endure their behavior. Fair or not, LFR gets blamed for the bad behavior of some of the players who make use of it, and for some people it's just not worth enduring.

The second argument is that LFR dilutes the raiding experience to the point where it isn't really raiding at all - that the bosses are so stripped down that they require little to no skill to kill them. I don't really think this is a fair argument, although I do understand it to some degree - fights like Durumu, where the mechanics don't even work the same, spring to mind. I don't think that, even if we say that LFR is a dilution of normal raiding, that it follows that it should be done away with. Part and parcel of the "LFR is dumbing down raiding" is that, back in Wrath, people would often get groups together and PuG raids like Trial of the Crusader and even Icecrown Citadel - with the rise of LFR, those groups tended to fall by the wayside. I see Flex as a way for people to bring PuGging raids back, if they really want to do that. There's also a subsection of this group that holds LFR responsible for the lack of five man dungeons this expansion, and dislike it for that reason - and I can understand that. If you're a fan of five mans, this has been a fairly scarce expansion.

Finally, there's the you can't have it that belongs to ME argument, which ultimately breaks down to "If anyone can raid, my raiding isn't special anymore" but that argument's a crock and I hold anyone who bothers to make it in extreme disdain. So I won't even waste my time making an attempt at presenting it.

To be fair to anti-LFR people, it did radically change the way we play. Some people liked things fine the way they were.

diamonddustviil states:
Completely unrelated to anything, but I've just gone to the Timeless Isle with music turned on for the first time. I'm now just sitting here listening, not doing what I came here to do, because this music is just incredible

Frankly, this whole expansion has had an incredible soundtrack, and the Timeless Sile is no exception. I'm in total agreement with you here.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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