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Update your music dock to WiFi with the Auris Skye Kickstarter project


Let's face it -- a lot of people bought docks back in the days of iPods and the first iPhones. Basically, it made it very easy for people to blast tunes out of an alarm clock or speaker by just plugging the device in, and the device received a charge in the process. Well, things are different these days, and a lot of people would rather play with their iPhone or iPod touch while listening to music. So do you toss out the old dock? A new Kickstarter project wants to repurpose your dock by giving it WiFi powers.

Auris has just launched a Kickstarter for a product called Skye with a US$56,000 goal of which they've already raised almost $18,000. Skye not only works with all of those 30-pin Dock Connector devices, adding a WiFi receiver to them for AirPlay and DLNA music streaming, but it can also be attached to just about any other sort of device. You can even beam to Skye via a peer-to-peer WiFi network if you don't own a router. There's an app under development for both iOS and Android that will provide a way to set up and control the little receiver.

The Kickstarter page shows the Skye connected to a variety of different docks, as well as to stereo systems with 3.5mm inputs and standard RCA connectors. With a pledge of $64 or more, you get one of the devices, although some of the pledge levels are beginning to fill up quickly. Once the Kickstarter is over, the device will be available at a suggested retail price of $89.

There's another great reason for Skye's existence: by using WiFi rather than Bluetooth, it improves the throughput of the music stream and the distance from which music can be beamed. Auris hopes to ship the first Skyes in December, so act now and give these folks your support.

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