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Bing refresh brings a new logo, more 'at a glance' info with cards and info from your friends


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Microsoft's search engine continues to push the rock up a hillside as it chases Google, and some new Bing features add or enhance its search in very familiar ways. First up is a reworked logo, detailed to a level that we're sure Marissa Mayer can appreciate. Bigger than that however are the adjustments to search, with improved "Snapshot" cards that try to fill in what you want to know about a person, place or thing before you even click on a search result. Like Google's cards it has a quick index of info, but it also pulls from Facebook and Twitter to see what your friends might be saying about it. The "Page Zero" results that auto-fill even as you search a query are improved as well, with mini-tiles there that have pictures and text. Other tweaks are meant to improve the experience on screens from phone to TVs, while new "Pole Position" results fill in answers for easy questions about things like the weather. Senior Director of Search Stefan Weitz tells the WSJ the company "went back to the drawing board about how to build searches" -- let us know if the changes are enough make you switch.

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