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Friends unite and take down psychos in Dead Rising 3


Capcom has confirmed online co-op will return for Dead Rising 3 when it launches this November on Xbox One. Protagonist Nick can be joined by big rig driver Dick (yes, Nick and Dick), and travel freely in Los Perdidos, together or independently. In past games, partners were limited to exploring the same sections together.

All progress in co-op carries over to the single-player campaign, Capcom-Unity writes. If you join a friend who is further along in the story, and clear a chapter you haven't accessed in your single-player campaign yet, you'll have the option to skip it when you encounter it on your own later. That should prove handy when it comes to facing the game's returning "psychopath" bosses, this time based on the seven deadly sins. You know, like "sloth" and "bad checkpointing."

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