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iOS 7: Block iOS updates on your office network, avoid first-day upgrade overload


For those businesses or educational institutions with limited bandwidth and lots of iOS devices on their Wi-Fi infrastructure, a blast of iOS 7 updates -- each with its own hefty, lingering download -- could be a bit of a problem. Tomorrow it should be easy to spot the network admin: he or she will be the one with the extra-large coffee and the expression of rage verging on uncontrollable weeping.

Over at the Enterprise iOS site, Tekserve's resident uber-geek and CTO Aaron Freimark has a sneaky suggestion for avoiding this sudden impact. Since Apple's update server ( has to be reachable in order for iOS devices to see and download the update, the temporary fix is simple: adjust your local DNS servers to redirect or block the update server until the fever passes.

Freimark mentions Apple's upcoming Caching Server 2, a component of the OS X Mavericks Server package that will provide local instances of Apple downloads to reduce network load caused by iOS devices and Mac App Store purchases. Unfortunately, in a bit of a cache-22, you can't use the beta of Caching Server 2 to cache the iOS 7 update surge; iOS 6 devices don't see the server.

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