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Rockstar releases iFruit companion app for Grand Theft Auto V


Rockstar Games has released an iOS companion app for Grand Theft Auto V, which is now on sale worldwide. Grand Theft Auto: iFruit is a free iOS app that lets players customize cars in GTA V, including paint options, brakes, engines, window tints, personalized plates and more. Any car customizations are then made available to players in the Grand Theft Auto V console game.

The app also features a mini game that lets you look after Chop the Dog. Chop is a new pet players can have in GTA V. You can teach Chop to do more tricks and play while you (virtually) feed and pet him. Taking care of Chop has real in-game benefits as he'll be better able to perform tricks and locate hidden items for players in the GTA V console game.

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit is, of course, taking a rub at Apple, but it's also not the first time GTA has used the name "iFruit." Way back in 2008, the company snuck an Apple parody website into an internet cafe in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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