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Apple's AirPort Utility, iBooks updated with iOS 7-friendly look, compatibility


Sure, it's not the most exciting news to drop on this iOS 7 official "birth" day, but Apple has updated several apps to bring them into the brave new world of the new iOS. Both AirPort Utility and iBooks have received updates in the last few hours.

The notes for iBooks -- which seems to be sporting the same non-flat icon that it has since it first became an iOS app -- show that "This version of iBooks improves compatibility with iOS and iCloud." The app is still as Scott Forstall skeuomorphic as it always has been, complete with the faux wood library shelves.

For the AirPort Utility, the release notes simply say, "Adds support for iOS 7." I'd let you know what that means if I had half a clue, but there's just not a whole hell of a lot of detail there.

If you're an iOS 7 user already and set up your devices for automatic downloads, those updates should already be installed.

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