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Blizzard hiring eSports Director for All-Stars


WoW Insider posted back in January about an interview between Eurogamer magazine and Chris Sigaty, Starcraft 2's Production Director, about the ongoing silence on the title. Back then, it was confirmed that there was still a team working on it, but that they were looking at other MOBAs and their business model.

But now, as our sister site Massively reports, Blizzard has posted looking for an E-Sports director for the upcoming title, amongst other things. What does this mean? Well, Blizzard isn't renowned for hiring people at great speed any more than it is for making games at great speed, but as Massively points out, this is pretty firm confirmation that the game is still at least in the works.

I'm allowing myself to hope that there might be an announcement at BlizzCon this year, although given how it's in only a month and a half, that might be rather ambitious of me.

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