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Blizzard LFM: eSports Director needed for Blizzard All-Stars

MJ Guthrie

When I say Blizzard, you say MOBA! OK, chances are that's not the first thing you think of -- or even the fifth. That's understandable; it's been a long time since any news has come out about Blizzard All-Stars. In fact, the last we heard was just that the game was in "active development," and that was back in January! What's changed since then?

While the official site has nothing new to offer, found a recruitment listing for a director to handle Blizzard's entire eSports program. This listing specifically mentions the upcoming MOBA, showing that the game has not been completely abandoned. This should give fans some hope that the game might still see the light of day sometime. And perhaps when director is found, we'll hear even more news on the progress of the game.

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

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